Tips on Writing The Best Cover Letter For Vacancy

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Best Cover Letter For Vacancy

A covering letter is not only something you can send in response to adverts for jobs – it can also be used for applications. Cover letter is best explain has an introduction to your CV or it can also be used to go with an application form that you are sending or emailing to an employer. for work placements or project opportunities, etc. It may be the first point of the contact with the employer and is therefore crucially important. It should link your suitability with the vacancy and do not get a second chance to create positive first impression!

Basic points of a good covering letter

  • It should be one side of A4
  • It should be made up of three to five short paragraphs
  • It should contain your address and name
  • Try to get the name of someone who is involved in recruitment as this makes a significant difference when received.
  • Covering letters should be typed not handwritten
  • If sending in the post, the paper must be the same colour as your CV though of course it is likely that on most occasions you will be emailing it
  • You should not repeat too much information that is covered in the CV
  • It should have a positive tone and highlight some key pieces of information which connects you to the opportunity and the reader
  • Try to show some knowledge of the company and opportunity and why you would do well in
    this role
  • You must make sure that it is spell-checked
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When responding to an advert

State the post you are applying for, the job reference and where you saw the advert. Explain why you are suitable for the position. You should state any technical competencies, skills or appropriate experience that is mentioned in the advert. Employers use particular criteria to mark an applicant in order to produce a shortlist of suitable people to interview. Main note is that you should never send a CV and covering letter if the advert specifically asks you to apply using the company’s application form.

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When taking a speculative approach

  • Explain exactly why you have contracted the company
  • Explain why you are applying, why you want to work in this area, why you want to work for this company
  • Demonstrate you have researched the company and have targeted the letter and CV to fit their needs

Direct contact with employers

If you opt to contact an employer direct, you should have a clear set of questions that you wish to ask, especially if you decide to phone the company. Whilst a telephone approach can be daunting initially, it could reap the reward that you are looking for and provide inside information that you could not get from other sources. Make comprehensive and clear notes. Your covering letter should have clear examples that demonstrate you suitability for a role within the type of company.

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Cover letter is the best possible way of placing best impression on your Boss. Cover letter helps to place an impression for future as well. A cover letter should be written in the most professional way. It is not that you have to write few things on a piece of paper. Every word that is written on the cover letter should have a meaning. It should be a professional document and should give a proper description about you and your profession. Writing a cover letter is completely different from writing the best cover letter.


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