I need Business Plan worth of $1.2 Billion?

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Business Plan Needed!!!

My Name is Olumide Alex a Nigerian Citizen from Ikole Local Government under Ekiti State Nigeria, a self employ in one of the big city in Oyo State with a great motive to become a successfully person in life!

Am a graduate student of Medical Laboratory Technician, currently facing a particularly issue which is beyond my ability and i need your help has you reading this post now.

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The issue is that “I need Business Plan worth of $1.2 Billion” forget about the volume of the Money but let hear what you have to offer concerning about the Plan.

You might be think why i don’t go into my Profession, Yes you are right if that what you are thinking! but the source require that the Business Plan should not to be from Health Area

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Moreover the Business should be a Community Project!

Now let say Agriculture Business Ideas

Cassava Farming.

Poultry Farming.

Rice Farming.

Snail Farming.

Pig Farming.

Or lets say biscuit Production

But don’t forget the volume of money Involve in it ($1.2 Billion)

Let Hear Your Breakdown on any Business Plan Idea You have

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Updated: March 24, 2020 — 2:07 pm

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