How to Get Student Accommodations Option in Canada

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So you have made a decision to study in Canada. The next important thing you must do is to decide where you are going to live while studying in Canada. Here are the accommodation options for international students in Canada :

On-campus housing

Many Canadian colleges and universities provide on-campus accommodation. This type of accommodation is available in the form of residence halls, dorms, bed-sitters, or townhouses. Dorms are huge buildings that accommodate many students, whereas townhouses are separate, accommodating typically 3-6 students. The size of dorms and the facilities offered can differ from one university or college to another.

A townhouse has separate rooms for each student and a main area that encompasses a kitchen and a living room. Third and fourth-year students mostly secure accommodation in townhouses.

When deciding where to stay during your study in the US, be sure to check the on-campus housing facilities available on the website of your college or university.



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Updated: January 26, 2020 — 3:43 pm

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